MCF5211/5213 ADC reference selection.

Discussion created by NICK MATTESON on Apr 23, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2007 by Maclain Lobdell
I have an ADC related question that I would like to get some info on.
I would like to use the VH and VL pins as the reference input on my 5211.
In the MCF5213RM document it indicates that clearing "SEL_VREFH" and "SEL_VREFL" in the "CAL" register selects internal VRx.  I just want to make sure that this is the actual VRH and VRL pins and not VDDA and VSSA.  When looking at the CF Init utility it indicates setting the bit selects Vrefh and Vrefl pins and clearing the bits selects VDDA and VSSA.
What's the correct answer?