Cristopher Lubay

HCS08 and lauterbach debugger

Discussion created by Cristopher Lubay on Apr 23, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2007 by Lou Calkins
I'm a newbie in the use of both the lauterbach debugger and the HCS08 microprocessor.
Although I was able to connect the debugger to the HCS08 microprocessor, it is not operating properly.
When I do a step by step operation on the debugger, and a function call is performed, after processing the content of the function and an  RTS command is reached, the cursor of the debugger must return to the place where the function is called when the RTS command is processed. But this is not what happened. After processing the RTS command, the cursor goes to the address 0xFFFE which is the RESET interrupt vector. I already disabled the COP and the LVD. There is nothing connected on the RESET pin except the debugger. What do you think causes the cursor to go to the RESET interrupt? Please help me fix this. Thanks in advance.