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i.mx53 tab is not booting after flashing the kernel

Discussion created by sivakumar sivakumar on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2012 by Visakh SV

Hi all,

I am having a freescale imx535 processor based tablet manufactured by richtechie, Chinese manufacturer. It has android 2.3.3 in it.

From the device info i found it has freescale kernel and android.

I downloaded the android source from freescale website, I used imx5_android_defconfig. I compiled the source. I updated the uImage using android recovery and sdcard,

I got the message update was ok.

But when i reboot, The tab is blank and the tab is continuously vibrating.

I am not able to see any log using logcat.

Is there any way to make the tab working.

I tried mfg tool , the tab is detected, but how to flash the kernel using the mfg tool.