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Imx53 image rolling (tvp5147m1)

Discussion created by Ananthapadmanaban Gururajan on Jan 30, 2012
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Hi all,


  We have ported tvp5147m1 from the reference code provided adv7180.c. We are facing image rolling issue using mxc_v4l2_tvin.out.


I was able to fix this problem by programming drivers/media/video/mxc/capture/mxc_v4l2_capture.c .active_top =13 to .active_top = 3. And i was able to view the video in a good form using

mxc_v4l2_tvin.out -ow 720 -oh 480 -ol 20 -f UYVY


But this fix have consistency issue. some time image will be split streaming video start at some other offset (without rolling). Say in the image bottom half portion streaming at the top.


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