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How to test i.mx536 SMD can bus in WinEC7

Discussion created by hb chen on Jan 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by Seetharam Nayak

Dear all,

I am trying to test i.mx536 can bus function.

My bsp is IMX53_WCE700_1105_BSP_SOURCE and using SMD project.

I refer to i.MX53 ARD Windows Embedded Compact 7 Reference Manual and build CANApp.exe.

But it always shows "Unable to import library CANSDK.dll ! Program will exit".

Does anyone know how to test can bus function ?

Following are my changes and compile steps:


1) modify "COMMON_FSL_V2" to "COMMON_FSL_V3" in this BSP

2) enable Third Party -> BSP -> Freescale i.MX53 SMD: ARMV7 -> Device Drivers -> CANBUS catalog item (I am using SMD, not ARD !)

3) set BSP_CANBUS1=1 in iMX53_SMD.bat (I got only one can bus interfance )

Compile step:

1) Sysgen (blddemo -q), Build current bsp and Subproject (blddemo -qbsp)

2) Compile CANApp.exe out

3) Start winec7 system, copy CANApp.exe to SD Card and Windows folder.

4) Execute CANApp.exe -s in platform , it always shows error message: "Unable to import library CANSDK.dll ! Program will exit"