Stuart Boutell

i.MX53 QSB-R with WEC7 and Android sample binaries from Adeneo

Discussion created by Stuart Boutell on Jan 29, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by Eduardo Gorio

Anyone else having trouble with the sample WEC7 and Android binaries from Adeneo on the i.MX53 QSB-R revision? I understand the PMIC has changed on the QSB-R versus QSB.


Android boots, but then shuts down into a powersaving state, with USB not appearing to operate and there is a kernel message about the PMIC revision during the boot up

pmic 0-0008: read generation ID 0x0 is not equal to 0x7!


WEC7 (iMX53QSB_WEC7_BIN_V122) doesn't boot at all, stopping with this error (from eboot in this case, but the nk image does the same):

OALPmicI2cInit: Trying to init PMIC I2C Interface
OALPmicInit: Trying to init I2C Interface
OALI2CReadOneByte: OALI2cWriteData Set Reg Error!
OALPmicInit: Read of PMIC hardware rev failed!
OEMPlatformInit: OALPmicInit failed!