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HCS12 MSCAN module

Question asked by Mohamed Othman on Apr 19, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2009 by Processor Expert
I want to use the MSCAN module in the s12DP512 MCU to communicate with an automotive CAN Network.
I have good idea about the HCS12 MSCAN module, and I read the application notes (and did some simple CAN communicating with two nodes).
Now, my question is.
is there anyway to have the CAN module automatically Sync. with some other CAN board without the need to know what are the CAN network parameters and configurations by which this CAN board works?
in other words, there is an automatica Sync. in the SCI module to find the correct baud rate (by up/down the baud rate till the sync bit received), can we do the same in the CAN network.
another question please,
is there any known CAN configuration in the market so I can setup the MSCAN module to work by this configuration?
thank you and I appriciate the help..