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WLAN on the iMX53QSB?

Discussion created by Armin Baldemair on Jan 25, 2012
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I tried to use a WLAN USB stick with the iMX53QSB, but it doesn't work - lsusb shows the sticks but iwconfig doesn't recognize them. I tried it with two Netgear-Sticks (MA111, WG111V2), an Allnet-Stick (with a Ralink Chip) and a Joy-It-Stick (with a Realtek Chip). All four should be Linux compatible but I think they are only compatbilbe with Intel-based Linux versions, not with ARM-based.

I also tried to use ndiswrapper but I can't find the required packages in the apt repositories (ndisgtk,...) and it was also not possible to make a driver because there are no header-files available.

I'm using the standard Ubuntu version (Lucid).

Has anyone an idea how to get WLAN running on the i.MX53 QSB?


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