Nagesh A

Using MFG tool to write JFFS2 type rootfs

Discussion created by Nagesh A on Jan 24, 2012

Hi all,


We are using i.MX53 SABRE SMD tablet.

We have used Freescale provided MFG tool to programme the Linux images, like u-boot, uImage, and rootfs.tar.bz2 to the eMMC4.4 card which is of size 4GB.


The MFG tool internally uses a script file in which it is basically creating a partitions using "dd" command and untar'ing the rootfs.tar.bz2 image in that partition.


But our requirement is to go for JFFS2 type rootfs.  

I am not able to understand how it can be worked with MFG tool to flash JFFS2 type rootfs image.

Can anybody give suggestions over this ?

Is it possible to flash JFFS2 rootfs images in i.MX53 SMD tablet board ?


thanks in advance,

-Nagesh A