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Updated MM gst-fsl-plugin files for MX53

Discussion created by Mahesh Mahadevan on Jan 23, 2012
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Below are some updated files for the Freescale Gstreamer plugin for MX53. The files includes the below updates & fixes

[a] Add support to decode Black & White mjpeg files

[b] Fix issues seen with rotation when using the isink plugin

[c] Fix some flicker issues seen

[c] Allow negative axis values for the isink axis-* parameters.


  1. libs/vss/video_surface.c  (video_surface.c)
  2. libs/vss/video_surface.h  (video_surface.h)
  3. libs/vss/vss_common.h   (vss_common.h)
  4. libs/vss/vss_common.c   (vss_common.c)
  5. src/misc/i_sink/src/mfw_gst_isink.c  (mfw_gst_isink.c)
  6. src/misc/i_sink/src/mfw_gst_isink.h  (mfw_gst_isink.h)
  7. src/video/vpu_dec.full/src/mfw_gst_vpu_decoder.c   (mfw_gst_vpu_decoder.c)


Below are files needed to fix some upscaling issues seen when going from QVGA resolution to 1080p.The below files may be needed since one of the change in the vss_common.h file uses a define that is added in the below files

  1. imx-lib-11.05.01/ipu/mxc_ipu_hl_lib.c (mxc_ipu_hl_lib.c)
  2. imx-lib-11.05.01/ipu/mxc_ipu_hl_lib.h (mxc_ipu_hl_lib.h)

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