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Linux IPU libs & drivers

Discussion created by Martin Devera on Jan 19, 2012
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I'm a bit lost in IPU control in Linux. It seems there is driver in 2.6.35 and related ipu-lib 11.5.1. The driver sems to have IOCTLS for channel contrrol, camera control, ADC control... Then there is ipu-lib wrapping these IOCTLS and ipu-lib-hl which probably uses these to make flow control simpler.


Then there is new kernel driver exporting IPU_QUEUE_TASK interface and interestingly lib 11.9.1 which has own copy of ipu.h (because in-kernel one is no longer compatible). I don't see reason why it the lib there when the kernel doesn't support it and imx-tests are not using it (it uses new IOCTLs).


New IPU_QUEUE_TASK seems nice for user but there are missing these low level functions (channel linking, ADC control, CSU control) - when one needs to read from camera or HW mpeg decoder then user is supposed to write own driver and/or use v4l2 ?


I'm looking for some answers as I'd like to write our app in correct and future proof way :-)


Thanks to anyone with some insight.