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Is iMX23 right for my needs? Internet connected device

Discussion created by Gautam Gautam on Jan 18, 2012
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I am new to embedded, and looking for some advise from the experts.


I basically want to build a prototype device that boots up, connects to the network via WiFi, and loads a web browser. Once up the webbrowser is served content from a webservice. All this at as low a cost as possible :)


From looking around on the internet iMX233 seems to fit all these needs. I was wanting to ask the community if i should buy the iMX233EVK and start coding! or.. point me in a different direction.


Specific Asks:


1) Must load Linux OS

2) Must support GUI

3) Must be able to load a webkit browser that can display basic webpages html, images, text, javascript.

4) Must be able to work over WiFi



Specific questions about device:

1) Any recommendations for WiFi to add on to the board, that would eventually ship.


Thank you!