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Discussion created by Lieven W on Jan 17, 2012
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Hello all


I try to load the plugin from the demo into my own inflexion ui appliciaton. I add a plugin to my root.template. I refer through Resource->event handler = "demoPluginElement://" to my  ifxui_plugin.plugin file. In the editor the sinewave.png is visible (so I think the reference is good). However when i start up my application on the imx53 QSB, nothing appears. I just the exact same module code from the example and I made the integration layer with my UIintegrator.exe. 


I think it has something to do with the startup of the element itself. (Since I checked which functions works with printf()). So I added a touchregion which tried to start the element. which got the IFX_RETURN_STATUS IFXM_ifxuiplugin_ExecuteLink_ButtonLink() function working but still nothing to see on the screen.


Anyone has an idea?


thanks in advance



kind regards