Matteo Fortini

iMX27 NAND bad blocks and barebox boot

Discussion created by Matteo Fortini on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by Peter Kardos

Is it possible to boot barebox on iMX27 from a NAND flash which has bad eraseblocks in barebox' partition?

I am flashing barebox from a running copy in RAM which I'm loading through JTAG. Everything works well if there are no bad eraseblocks at the start of the NAND.

The original partition was 256kB, and there were 2 bad eraseblocks, so flashing it gave "no space left on device". I enlarged the partition to 384kB to stay on the safe side, and I could flash it from barebox.

Resetting the processor while the JTAG was still attached worked, so the device was able to boot from NAND. However, after a power down, the board is not able to boot anymore.


Is it at all possible to boot from a NAND with bad eraseblocks (dodging them of course), or the only option is to replace the defective chip?

Thank you