Roberto Abatangelo

Beestack & PWR_EnterLowPower - DEEPSLEEP

Discussion created by Roberto Abatangelo on Apr 16, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2007 by Filippo Damiani
Hi All,
I am working on the Beestack and freescale SARD modules. I enabled the Power Libs on the End Device (ED) and I am tring to take it in --> DeepSleep Mode. The PWR_EnterLowPower function checks for any pending timer and allows the ED to go sleep in DEEPSLEEP mode only if there are no active timers!
Unfortunatly I noticed that 1 timer not expires so I am not able to enter the DeepSleep mode ( but only the PWR_Sleep) !I tried to Stop all timer unnecessary but I am not able to find the active timer. I think it is a repeating timer allocated by the TMR_StartIntervalTimer() function...but what??Does anyone can help me??

Thank in advance...