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rtshc08.c MC9S08GB60 bootloader in C

Question asked by Åke Jacksen on Apr 16, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2007 by Åke Jacksen
I have seen that this issu have been discussed before.
I try to create an application in C that is able to erase the FLASH in MC9S08GB60 and reprogram it with a new version of the application.
Everything works fine: I am able to create a special SEGMENTS for the "bootloader" and I am able to erase the main() function and reprogram the same data again to restore the main() function.
But when I try to erase the functions that belongs to RTSHC08.C and MC9S08GB60.C and reprogram the same data again it fails. I can not reboot the application and start to execute it again. (Why can I not erase and reprogram these functions is it some thing special with these functions?)
So I like to move the functions in the table below to the SECTOR where the rest of the bootloader is placed.  How can I do this?
When I add the file, RTSHC08.C, to my project I get a number of error two of these are:
L1919 dublicate definition of _IDIVU_8
L1919 dublicate definition of _IMODU_8
I did not remove ansiis.lib from my project so maybe this is the problem.  Is the whole ansiis.lib based on just this file or is it a pakage of files?
My main question is how can I direct this lib or functions to correct CODE_SEG is it possible to use
#pragma CODE_SEG FAR APPL_ROM_SEG or something like this?
CrasyCat suggested earlier the following: change the link order it comes first and then adapt the content of your local rtshc08.c..
It did not help to change the link order. Instead I moved the SECTIONS:
If we add new code to our project in the feture will some of the code be placed in this section by default?  I planning to suround all the application code with following pragma:
will it be enough?
MODULE:                 -- RTSHC08.C.o (ansiis.lib) --
_PUSH_ARGS_L                                182C      20      32       1   .text       
_ENTER_UNARY_L                            184C      29      41       1   .text       
_ENTER_BINARY_L_RC                    1875      19      25       1   .text       
_LCMP_k_rel_j                                    188E      1F      31       1   .text       
_LINC                                                  18AD      16      22       2   .text       
_LCMP_RC                                         18C3       6       6       2   .text       
_POP32                                              18C9      1A      26       2   .text    

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