Ryan Chang

i.MX 28 update_ivt.sb booting

Discussion created by Ryan Chang on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by William Huang

Hello All,

I'm a new member of this forum.

I have a question about i.MX 28 processor.

There was a plateform being designed according to i.MX28 EVK.

However, I did not use battery in our application.

I had to modify the linux bsp provided by the freescale website.

I followed the steps to rebuild the "update_ivt.sb" in the section 2.5 of i.MX28 Linux Guide.

But it fail to communicate with mfg tool.

The rebuilding linux bsp can not start UTP.

Does anyone tell me how to modify the linux bsp for our application??