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trying to use C++ with CWv4.6

Question asked by Shawn Ricker on Apr 13, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2010 by Elliott Kevin
I am starting my second attempt at compiling C++ with CWv4.6 pro for HCS12(x).
I create a new project for DG256, C++ only, ANSI startup code. I compile after creation with no problems. Then I open class browser a create a new class with just a constructor and destructor. I can no longer compile. class keyword is not recognized so I get an "expected ;" error. So then I open the target settings and see that in the language tab C++ is not checked. WHY NOT? I selected C++ as the language already, did I not? So I figure I got it. Nope. Now I get L1115, _EntryPoint not found even though it is in cpu.c.
So what's up? Anyone?