Adam Oldham

P&E USB Miltilink very very very slow with Codewarrior

Discussion created by Adam Oldham on Apr 13, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by Erich Styger
I am desperately trying to find out some info to try and fix a slow USB Multilink cable.  Using Codewarrior v5.7 for Coldfire Compiler v6.3 and Debugger v6.3 using P&E drivers v2.11.  The target is a Coldfire 5232.

We have a .elf file that is 1.3mb that is taking upwards of 5-7 minutes to download.  Judging from the P&E documentation, it should be able to handle 50kbytes per second.  So, I would think this is taking a ton longer than it should.

In the Codewarrior IDE, the Remote Debugger setting for the project is set for PEMICRO_USB with a speed setting of 0 (Fastest).

It just interests me that the same application can be downloaded via Wind River SingleStep with a parallel P&E BDM within a minute.

Can anyone help?