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Target corruption?

Discussion created by John Griswold on Apr 13, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2007 by John Griswold
I'm rying to create another target under the master project. I create a
target and clone another to avoid all that ugly typing. (This has worked
reasonably well in the past...)  Then I switch to the new target, set the
target name etc.

When I try to delete the old files (from the original target) to create
a new file group for the new target, I'm told that I can't delete the
files, because then the file wouldn't be contained in a target. The
original target builds fine, so it knows where the files are even though
they aren't, apparently, in that target's file group. If I try to add the
old files to the old target's file group (so the files aren't "orphaned" ),
I get a gripe that everything is multiply defined. If I simply try to add
the new files to the new target's new file group, I get a gripe that there
are multiple main()s - one from the old target that was cloned, and
one from the new target's main().

So, I'm sort of stuck using real makefiles and building programs outside
the IDE, which pretty much leaves me without a debugger because I
haven't figured out cross-platform dbg.

Is there a way to examine the project to find out where the targets'
information is held? Can I clean this up so that the targets don't
interfere with one another? Is there an easier way to do this?

Thanks in advance,