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MC13213 - illegal BP - Huffman compression

Discussion created by Cho Sau Ngai on Apr 13, 2007
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Hi all,
I am used Huffman compression of Basic compression library for my MC13213. When I run my program
unsigned char in[100], out[500];
int outsize, insize;
    if((ATD1SC & 0x80) == 0x80){         
        ATDDataBuffer = ATD1RH;
       (void)int2string8Bit(ATDDataBuffer, App_String);
       ATD1SC = ATD1SC;
      SCITransmitStr(" | ");
       SCITransmitStr(" | ");   
    insize = sizeof(in);     
    outsize = Huffman_Compress(in,out,insize);
    (void) int2string(outsize,App_String);
    SCITransmitStr("< ");
    SCITransmitStr(" >");
I got "illegal BP" in BDM, what does it mean?  not enough RAM to run the Huffman Algorithm??
what will happen if the RAM is not enough?

thank you


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