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banked memory error loading

Discussion created by Lotfi Bensalem on Apr 13, 2007
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I use the MC912D60A with HIWAREV6 IDE,  HI-WAVE V6.1 debugger and  BDI1000 for CPU12 V1.01 BDM probes.

Usually, to load my program, I use the script preload.cmd containing lines such:

Bdi flash.erase addr=C000

Bdi flash.load


Now, I want use the MC9S12DP512.

My difficulty is that I don’t manage to load a program located in a banked memory (loading error message from debugger)

I thus downloaded the limited version of codewarior developpemt studio and could load without problem a demo programme from page 20 to page 3F.

That enabled me to conclude that my BDI1000 works well.

Curiously, in the demo program, the file preload.cmd is empty.

I would like to know what it is necessary that I make in my current tools to load a program in any page of the memory, or if my tools are obsolete ?