i.MX50 - unable to change boot mode after software reset

Discussion created by PeterChan Employee on Jan 4, 2012
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Hi All,


In my application, I need to switch the MX50 boot mode from SD1 to USB-HID by software reset. As an experiment, I add the following code segment in u-boot to reset i.MX50 by internal watchdog. After making this change, the i.MX508 board can reset itself automatically after printing the SCR_SMBR register value.



    unsigned short U16;
    unsigned int U32;

    U32 = readl(0x53FD0004);
    printf("SBMR: %08x\n", U32);

    // disable warm reset
    U32 = readl(0x53FD0000);
    U32&= 0xFFFFFFFE;
    writel(U32, 0x53FD0000);

    // assert internal wdog_rst
    U16 = readw(0x53F98000);
    U16 &= 0xFFEF;
    writew(U16, 0x53F98000);


If I set the boot configuration switches to USB-HID during u-boot, I found that the board will still boot from SD1. The SCR_SMBR register value is always 0x10000048 regardless to the configuration of boot switches.


However, if I press the reset button on the MX508 RD3 board, it boot into USB-HID immediately. I think it is due to the difference between power on reset and software reset. Anyone can help?