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connections issue between i.MX283 and LAN

Discussion created by John.peng John.peng on Jan 3, 2012

Customer encouters such a issue on the platform
i.MX283 with os:linux.They find i.MX28 can not connect the network sometimes.
when they connect the cable to the port after they power up the board,the indicated led of network blinks and i.MX283 can not connect the network.They need to insert and extract the cable into/ouside the port some times,then i.MX283 can connect the network.
Or i.MX283 can connect the network normally after power up, but after they insert and extracteh cable into/outside the port some times,then the indicated led will blinks and i.MX283 can not connect the network.

Since they use the reference design of i.MX287 for i.MX283 directly,The ENET0_TX_CLK is not in i.MX283 because this chip does not support MII just RMII and in this the separate TX_CLK and RX_CLK are not used only a shared reference clock.

Would you help to provide some suggestions for this issue or the pin14(INT pin) of LAN8720 should be connected to which pin of i.MX283?