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ATD conversion seq E128

Discussion created by Scott Engel on Apr 12, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2007 by Nina Friedman
My questions are about mixing digital inputs with analog on the E128.
Of the 16 possible ATD channels, I am using 9. Is it alright to have digital inputs enabled inbetween analog inputs, i.e.
PAD0 - PAD7 as analog
PAD8, PAD9 as digital,
PAD10 as analog and
PAD11 - PAD15 as digital?
This means there are 9 total analog inputs. What happens when the Conversion Sequence Length Coding in ATDCTL3 is set to 9 conversions per sequence?  Is this the right way to do it?
Also, do the channels with the digital input buffers enabled by ATDIEN0 still get sampled during the conversion sequence?
I would like to know if when the conversion sequence length is set to 9, do PAD0 - PAD9 get analog sampled in that order during a conversion sequence, even if PAD8 and PAD9 have their digital buffers enabled?
Thank you,
Eagle Beak