Eumeng Chong

WinEC7 - booting from SD on Sabre

Discussion created by Eumeng Chong on Jan 3, 2012

Hi all,


I have try for quite some times trying to get the EC7 image to boot from SD but to no avail. I would appreciate if someone can explain to me what steps that has gone wrong. I have followed the user guide as much as I could and try all sort of different ways but it just won't work.


This is what I have and working at the moment :


I have used the cfimager from Freescale to flash the eboot.nb0 to the SD card and it boots up the eboot without any problem. From there I have download the custom EC7 image via Ethernet and it boots up on the Sabre with EC7 - Totally fine.


Then I have added extra environment setting of the EC7 image with imgsdmmc = 1 and regenerate the nk.nb0. I have use the cfimager to flash the newly generated nk.nb0 but it just keep booting up the Eboot.nb0 and does not get into the EC7. Strangely it keep booting into the Eboot even though i have flash the nk.nb0 into the SD (unless there is eboot included in the nk.nb0?).


Can someone please explain which part that have gone wrong? the switch 26/28 on the Sabre has been set to ensure it is booting from SD. Do i actually need to copy the nk.nb0 to the FAT32 partition that was created by the cfimager? It has no problem booting up eboot.nb0 but it just won't boot the nk.nb0 from SD but totally ok if I eboot the EC7 via the Ethernet.


Any help fully appreciated here.