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Calibration Problem in LCD of I.mx53qsb

Discussion created by Vinay Kumar on Jan 3, 2012
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Brief Problem statement regarding the problem of the display screen in the imx53 board.

The mouse pointer in the case of touch screen is not according to the point of contact. Please refer the video attached with this mail for an understanding of the problem.

The mouse pointer in the display screen matches with the point of contact only at the centre of the screen. As the contact point is moved further to the centre the mouse pointer lags the contact point. Under this situation the touch screen will only work if click is occured at the centre of the screen and the furthest point of the display screen cannot be accessed by the touch screen.



1.)         Which BSP You are working on ..? :L2.6.35_11.01ER
2.)         SCH- NO of Base board of MCIMX.53QSB.:SCH-26565 REV E
3.)         If modification are done in BSP , mention those modification. :No


4.)      LCD screen is 700-26139 REV B , SCH-26139 REV B




Please Check the link for your reference for Video of problem. 


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