Mohamed Adbul Cader

i.MX53 hdmi : 720p, 1080p Issue

Discussion created by Mohamed Adbul Cader on Dec 30, 2011

Dear All,

We are using the imx53 Chip version T2.1 chip and we are trying to test the HDMI Out
using the Linux kernel 2.6.35 and we have tested with two resoltions 720p and 1080p

Issue 1 : Testing with 720p :-

Tested with two scenrios,
1. Connected the imx53 target to the DVI Monitor and 720p resolution got detected in the
   monitor and display the proper images or videos with out any shift all the pixels
   of the images displayed properly.
2. Test the same in the HDMI Monitors like Samsung 32 inch LED TV or Sony Bravio Monitors
    In this monitors slight shift is there, Images are going down and Front porch and
    Upper margin also not correct,
    Note : The two HDMI monitors will support up to 1080p.
    Is it the right behavior ? OR in all the monitors the images should fit properly.
    We have Read The EDID of the monitors also and we have got the same
    display parameters then also same behavior persists
    For 720p We have used the below display parameter values in the video_modes  mx53_evk.c,
     "720P60", 60, 1280, 720, 13468,
     260, 109,
     25, 4,
     1, 1,

Testing with 1080p :-
We have changed the below display parameter values in the video_modes  mx53_evk.c,

     "1080P60", 60, 1920, 1080, 7692,
     100, 40,
     30, 3,
     10, 2,
In this resoultion nothing displayed in the DVI or HDMI Monitors.

We would like to make it work for 720p and 1080P resolotions in our imx53 board.
But above issues are persists, Guide us how to solve the issues and behavior of the HDMI.
Any one tested the same case?

Thanks and Regards,