Problem in applying i.MX Android patches as specified in i.MX Android R10.2 User Guide

Discussion created by Srinivasan on Dec 27, 2011
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Dear All,
Please help, as am new to android porting,

Am not sure of the follwoing:

1) I didn't follow the below step as specified in section 2.1 Get Android Source Code (Android/Kernel/uboot)

cp /opt/imx-android-r10.2/code/r10.2/default.xml .repo/manifests/default.xml

Is the above step is mandatory to follow because this was not specified in & am so concerned whether this step is really required while applying at later stages of i.MX patches

could you please confirm whether the above step is really required because without performing the above step i downloaded android sourcecode from google repo is there any harm further without performing the above step?


2) I am facing below problem when am applying i.MX Android patches as specified in i.MX Android R10.2 User Guide in section 2.2 Patch Code for i.MX & when i executed the follwoing commands,

$ . /opt/imx-android-r10.2/code/r10.2/
$ help

I was not able to see "c_patch" function, could you please let me know the appropriate steps of how to install this "c_patch"

As specified in as specified in in section 2.2 Patch Code for i.MX, how to install in advance the patch script ( utilizes some basic utilities like awk/sed. as it is not available on my LinuxPC

The below is the problem when i started applying i.MX patches:

ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/myandroid/bootable/bootloader$ cd ~/myandroid
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/myandroid$ . /opt/imx-android-r10.2/code/r10.2/
bash: /opt/imx-android-r10.2/code/r10.2/ No such file or directory
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/myandroid$ ./opt/imx-android-r10.2/code/r10.2/
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/myandroid$ help
GNU bash, version 4.1.5(1)-release (i486-pc-linux-gnu)
These shell commands are defined internally. Type `help' to see this list.
Type `help name' to find out more about the function `name'.
Use `info bash' to find out more about the shell in general.
Use `man -k' or `info' to find out more about commands not in this list.

A star (*) next to a name means that the command is disabled.

job_spec [&] history [-c] [-d offset] [n] or hist>
(( expression )) if COMMANDS; then COMMANDS; [ elif C>
. filename [arguments] jobs [-lnprs] [jobspec ...] or jobs >
: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigs>
[ arg... ] let arg [arg ...]
[[ expression ] local [option] name[=value] ...
alias [-p] [name[=value] ... ] logout [n]
bg [job_spec ...] mapfile [-n count] [-O origin] [-s c>
bind [-lpvsPVS] [-m keymap] [-f filen> popd [-n] [+N | -N]
break [n] printf [-v var] format [arguments]
builtin [shell-builtin [arg ...] pushd [-n] [+N | -N | dir]
caller [expr] pwd [-LP]
case WORD in [PATTERN [| PATTERN]...)> read [-ers] [-a array] [-d delim] [->
cd [-L|-P] [dir] readarray [-n count] [-O origin] [-s>
command [-pVv] command [arg ...] readonly [-af] [name[=value] ...] or>
compgen [-abcdefgjksuv] [-o option] > return [n]
complete [-abcdefgjksuv] [-pr] [-DE] > select NAME [in WORDS ... ;] do COMM>
compopt [-o|+o option] [-DE] [name ..> set [--abefhkmnptuvxBCHP] [-o option>
continue [n] shift [n]
coproc [NAME] command [redirections] shopt [-pqsu] [-o] [optname ...]
declare [-aAfFilrtux] [-p] [name[=val> source filename [arguments]
dirs [-clpv] [+N] [-N] suspend [-f]
disown [-h] [-ar] [jobspec ...] test [expr]
echo [-neE] [arg ...] time [-p] pipeline
enable [-a] [-dnps] [-f filename] [na> times
eval [arg ...] trap [-lp] [[arg] signal_spec ...]
exec [-cl] [-a name] [command [argume> true
exit [n] type [-afptP] name [name ...]
export [-fn] [name[=value] ...] or ex> typeset [-aAfFilrtux] [-p] name[=val>
false ulimit [-SHacdefilmnpqrstuvx] [limit>
fc [-e ename] [-lnr] [first] [last] o> umask [-p] [-S] [mode]
fg [job_spec] unalias [-a] name [name ...]
for NAME [in WORDS ... ] ; do COMMAND> unset [-f] [-v] [name ...]
for (( exp1; exp2; exp3 )); do COMMAN> until COMMANDS; do COMMANDS; done
function name { COMMANDS ; } or name > variables - Names and meanings of so>
getopts optstring name [arg] wait [id]
hash [-lr] [-p pathname] [-dt] [name > while COMMANDS; do COMMANDS; done
help [-dms] [pattern ...] { COMMANDS ; }
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/myandroid$ help c_patch
bash: help: no help topics match `c_patch'. Try `help help' or `man -k c_patch' or `info c_patch'.
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/myandroid$ c_patch /opt/imx-android-r10.2/code/r10.2 imx_r10.2
c_patch: command not found
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/myandroid$ patch -u -b /opt/imx-android-r10.2/code/r10.2 imx_r10.2
patch: **** Can't open patch file imx_r10.2 : No such file or directory
ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/myandroid$ c_patch /opt/imx-android-r10.2/code/r10.2 imx_r10.2

Kindly do the needful as soon as possible in resolving the above issues & would be greatly appreciated

Thanks & Best Regards,
Srinivasan S
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