Fred Hebert

Getting Started help with i.MX28 EVK

Discussion created by Fred Hebert on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by Yuji Sasaki

New to embedded Linux and starting with i.MX28 EVK board, could use a few pointers.

What I have accomplished:
- Put the

pre-built images on my SD card.  yea!!! (not really)
- Compiled a simple app that blinks a LED and start it as a service during boot.  I did this by modifying files under the "
rootfs" directory and copying my new app there.  Then I used mk_mx28_sd to put it on the SD card. (may not be the correct way to do it but it worked)

What I can't figure out:
- noticed that the network was not coming up. Used
ifconfig to set the MAC address, was all 0's, then was able to bring up eth0 but no IP address.  Trying to resolve this with ltib, but this seems to only update the "rootfs_image" not the "rootfs" directory tree.  OK so how do I get this rootfs_image on the SD card?

If I could just get a nudge in the right direction...  Suggested reading, upcoming training?