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A bug in CF Flasher?

Discussion created by Zijiang Yang on Apr 10, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2007 by Zijiang Yang

I'm trying to use the CF Flasher to program the external Flash. The processor is MCF5272 and the external Flash is connected to CS0. There is also an external SDRAM connected at CS7, mapped to 0x00100000.

When I compiled the code to start from 0x00000000 and set the Flash base address to 0x00000000 in the CF Flasher, it seemed to work fine. Then I changed the start of the code to 0x00100000 so that I can copy everything to SDRAM after startup (a loader code also added). When I set the Flash base address to 0x00100000 in the CF Flasher and tried to program, only the vector table will be copied to the Flash when I looked at the memory window, all the rest of the Flash are "FF"'s.

Did I do anything wrong here? I turned on the echo and everything looked fine except that CF Flasher did work as expected. Thanks a lot for your inputs!!