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PAN802154 module bootloader version/type

Discussion created by Paul-Daniel Piscoi on Apr 10, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2007 by Brian Witzen

I recently acquired a PAN802154 wireless communication module (GT60 + MC13193) and I would like to write to the flash memory through the bootloader loaded in the MCU (at least I think there is a bootloader). I used the hc08sprg.exe (from AN2295SW) and I get this messages:
Waiting for HC08 reset ACK...received 0x4f (ignoring).
received 0xb2 (ignoring).
received 0x8b (ignoring).
received 0x0b (ignoring).
received 0x5e (ignoring).
received 0x3d (ignoring).
received 0x0f (ignoring).
received 0x85 (ignoring).
received 0x0b (ignoring).
received 0x45 (ignoring).
received 0x03 (ignoring).
received 0xf8 (off-key).
Wrong calibrate response (0xa7, must be 0xfc). Target is not calibrated.

The first byte that is received (in the example above it's 4F) is always different every time I try to flash it, the rest are identical.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.