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How to configure the CSPI for MX53

Discussion created by Jacky Huang on Dec 20, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2012 by Stefan1z

According to the MX53 doc, I found that the configuration of the CSPI on MX53 as below


static struct mxc_spi_master mxcspi3_data = {
.maxchipselect = 4,
.spi_version = 23,
.chipselect_active = NULL,
.chipselect_inactive = NULL,


struct platform_device mxcspi3_device = {
.name = "mxc_spi",
.id = 2,
.num_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(mxcspi3_resources),
.resource = mxcspi3_resources,


mxc_register_device(&mxcspi3_device, &mxcspi3_data);

but I can not get the clk pulse on the PIN cspi_clk when I use the function spi_sync() to send data !


However, I can configure the eCSPI1 successfully with mxcspi1_device, I can get the clk pulse on the PIN ecspi_clk


so, How to configure the CSPI and make it work?