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iWave introduced i.MX508 Quick Start Board(QSB) with on chip EPD controller -blog archive

Discussion created by iWave Systems on Dec 20, 2011

iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading innovative Embedded Product Engineering Services company headquartered in Bangalore Launches “i.MX508 QSB - Industry's First low cost development platform around Freescale Semiconductor’s i.MX508 processor and is iWave’s 5th i.MX based design”. It is a Highly integrated development platform for increased performance in “ eReaders, Industrial Kiosk, Home/Industrial/Office Automation Applications”.

The i.MX508 QSB with its features like “on-chip EPD/LCD Controller, Ethernet, Dual USB, Dual SD, micro USB Device, VGA out, Audio IN/OUT & Serial interfaces, enables developers to quickly prototype their application needs around i.MX508 processor and optimize the “development effort and time to market” of their products.
The i.MX508 processor is a system-on-chip (SoC) designed specifically for eReaders that incorporates a high performance 800MHz ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor and an integrated hardware Electronic Paper Display (EPD) Controller certified by E Ink® to drive the latest and next generation Pearl™ panels. The i.MX508 helps to reduce system cost, longer battery life and higher performance for faster page flips and a better reading experience.

Highlights of iWave’s i.MX50 QSB:

  • The built-in EPD/LCD controller on Freescale’ s i.MX508 processor enhances the compactness of eBook Readers.
  • ARM Cortex-A8 with lower power consumption eliminates the need for heat dissipation modules and helps ID developers to design silent, air-tight enclosed solutions.
  • Numerous interface options available on the QSB: “Accelerometer, Ethernet, Dual USB, Dual SD, VGA out, Audio IN/OUT & Serial interfaces” ideal features for any Embedded Computing Application.
  • Board Support Packages available on the QSB to create applications ranging from Windows CE 6.0 to 7.0.

iWave has been an innovator in the development of “Highly integrated, high-performance, low-power and low-cost i.MX50/i.MX53/i.MX51/i.MX27 SOMs”. iWave helps its customers reduce their time-to-market and development effort with its products ranging from System-On-Module to complete systems.

Freescale has iWave for developing the i.MX50 QSB. The i.MX508 QSB is brought out by iWave in a record time of just 5 weeks between FTF Americas 2011 and FTF India 2011.

Furthermore, iWave’s i.MX50/i.MX53/i.MX51/i.MX27 SOMs have been engineered to meet the industry demanding requirements like various Embedded Computing Applications in Industrial, Medical & Automotive verticals. iWave provides full product design engineering and manufacturing services around the i.MX SOMs to help customers quickly develop innovative products and solutions.

“iWave continues to provide Freescale customers with a broad range of i.MX System on Module (SoM) solutions enabling ease of access to Freescale’ s i.MX products,” said Ken Obuszewski, Director of Product Management for Freescale’ s Multimedia Applications Division. “iWave’s newest SoM with the i.MX508 Quick Start Board is expected to enable our mutual customers to take full advantage of the i.MX50 processor family’s performance and help bring embedded products to market faster.”

Commenting on this new module launch, Mr.Vivek Tyagi, Country Sales Manager, Freescale Semiconductor India mentioned, “iWave Systems Technologies is a proactive design partner of Freescale Semiconductor. iWave has been involved in bringing out SOM and reference designs on Freescale i.MX platform. The long standing relationship has been beneficial to many of our product customers as iWave reference designs have helped streamline their cycle time”.

For more details visit http://www.iwavesystems.com/iW-RainboW-G13S.htm