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Discussion created by Scott Pearse on Apr 9, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2007 by Moises De La Cruz
   I have read several posts on this error but none of them have helped me.  I am trying to get an IIC bus working, but I get this error when running my master code in the debugger.  I have stepped through my code and the error occurs at a function called INIT_SP_FROM_STARTUP_DESC();. 

Here is what the command window displays:
Frequency change to ~0hz.
Frequency change to ~3942400hz.

And here is the segment of code where I get the error:
#pragma NO_EXIT
__EXTERN_C void _Startup(void) {
/* set the reset vector to _Startup in the linker parameter file (*.prm):
   'VECTOR 0 _Startup'

   purpose:    1)  initialize the stack
               2)  initialize run-time, ...
                   initialize the RAM, copy down init data, etc (Init)
               3)  call main;
   called from: _PRESTART-code generated by the Linker

Can anybody help me understand what is going on here?  Thanks.