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Discussion created by Luciano Favaro on Apr 9, 2007
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Hi, I'm developing an application using MC13213, that application receives a setup package via Air in the routine named "void MCPSDataIndication(tRxPacket *gsRxPacket) ", and the device is responsible for configure a peripheral using serial RS232 coommunication.
1) The first problem that I've faced is that the peripheral just talk in 7 bits word size and MC13213 unfortunatelly uses 8 or 9 bits. This problem I solved just putting a 7 bits mask on the information.
2) The second problem that I didn't solved yet, is that when I receveid the packed on the "void MCPSDataIndication(tRxPacket *gsRxPacket) ", there is an information that is 0x0A or LF, and when I dump memory in order to find this character in the sequence that I receive I can't found.
If, for example I send 0x0C against 0x0A, I can see 0x0C in memory.
Question: Has MC13213 some limitation regarding the character set that I can use?
Could someone expert help me?
Thanks in advance,
Luciano Fávaro.