Joao Venancio Abreu Santos Filho

Egalax Touchscreen, Ubuntu  (i.MX 51)

Discussion created by Joao Venancio Abreu Santos Filho on Dec 19, 2011

Hello Community,


I'm trying to make a five wire touchscreen( USB eGalax controller) work in the i.MX51 with the Ubuntu.

I was able to make the touchscreen work with the Tkusb module in a AT91RM9200-EK, and I made my application with direct acces to the framebuffer (Without X).

Now I've tried to use the driver tkusb but, without errors in the compilation, I can't insert the module (invalid module format). I also got no progress  with the HID driver, I made all the process in the guide found at and still got no success.


If anybody knows how to make the touchscreen work in the i.MX51 please help me!