FileSys failure in FSMapMemory in Windows CE 6

Discussion created by Guest on Dec 20, 2011

Hi !

I'm working on a BSP cloned  from Freescale iMx51 BSP.

I have builded a Windows CE image from Platform Builder, but sometimes , the boot sequence stops when kernel tries to Map Filesys on RAM.

I boot from SDCard and this is the debug log:

Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Sep 25 2009 at 11:06:11
ProcessorType=0c08  Revision=5
OEMAddressTable = 80201534
INFO:OALLogSetZones: dpCurSettings.ulZoneMask: 0xb
OEMInit:  silicon reü= 0x20
BoardID = 0x0.
Clean boot
Exit VFP_Init
Setting up softlog at 0x9bff8000 for 0x800 entries
Booting Windows CE version 6.00 for (ARM)
&pTOC = 83d5bc1c, pTOC = 83d42394, pTOC->ulRamFree = 83d60000, MemForPT = 00001000
Configuring: Primary pages: 98917, Secondary pages: 0, Filesystem pages = 12364

Booting kernel with clean memory configuration:
Memory Sections:
[0] : start: 83d62000, extension: 00031000, length: 18265000
NKStartup done, starting up kernel.
Windows CE KernelInit
Reserve VM for kernel XIP DLls, first = c0010000, last = c1420000
g_pprcNK == 0x83d59aa0
Updated eptr->e32_vsize to = 0001f000
Initializing Memory Mapped File Support
Scheduling the first thread.
Detecting VFP... VFP Found!
                           LoaderInit: Initialing loader
Updated eptr->e32_vsize to = 0001f000
Updated eptr->e32_vsize to = 000a3000
PGPOOL: Reserved 768 pages for Loader pool
PGPOOL: Reserved 256 pages for File pool
Message Queue support initialized, g_hMsgQHeap = d0080010
                                  CertMod.dll not found, using old OEM Trust Model
FileSys failure in FSMapMemory

Have you any ideas about this  ?

Thank you