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'RS08 Full-chip simulation of a "wait" opcode

Discussion created by cjcarpenter cjcarpenter on Apr 8, 2007
Latest reply on May 1, 2009 by OSCAR PEREZ
I've seen several statements here and in the 'RS08 app. notes to the effect that a given program can't be simulated because it uses "wait."  Can anyone point me to a reference that explains this in more detail?  I've searched the forums and literature on this to no avail.
My own program uses RTI to wake a simulated RS08 from "wait".   The memory dump shows that the RTI interrupt is being asserted (SIP1 = $02) as expected -- but this has no effect on the PC, which remains hung at the "wait" instruction.
Sorry in advance for asking a question that has no doubt been raised before...