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Problems with theme packaging on iMX53

Discussion created by Jim Hollister on Dec 15, 2011
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I'm having two problems packaging our Inflexion UI for use on the iMX53 Quick Start Board:


1) The document titled "Inflexion UI for Select i.MX Processors by Mentor Embedded" says that I should install and use the "Freescale OfflineShaderCompiler" and also says this tool is available at the Freescale Compass Extranet. I can't find any mention of this tool at the Freescale web site, the iMXCommunity site, or through Google searching. The doc says that installation and license info for this tool can be found in the readme.txt file, but I can't find any mention of this shader compiler there either.


2) I've tried packaging my Inflexion UI without using the OfflineShaderCompiler mentioned above and using TheCompressonator as instructed by the doc, but the image compression fails because UI Express is telling TheCompressonator to write the compressed output to a temp dir, but that dir hasn't been created by UI Express yet. I can verify that TheCompressonator works if I create that temp dir manually. Unfortunately, UI Express expects the compressed output to be written to a different temp dir for each packaging run so I can't create the temp dir in advance.


I have a very tight deadline so help of any kind would be much appreciated.