Marko Panger

RS232 connection not working

Discussion created by Marko Panger on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by Alan Levy

Hi all,


I've just received the i.MX53 QSB board. I've inserted the supplied SD card, and RS232 cable and power up the board. I can see uboot booting and counting down 3s before booting up the kernel.


Unfortunately I can't prevent uboot from booting the kernel as uboot doesn't accept any input from my keyboard. I'm using minicom. I'm sure my connection to PC is working fine as if I just swap the 53QSB board for a i.mx51 EVK it works as it should.


The same happens if I let the kernel boot up. When it comes to entering the username and password I just can't enter anything through the RS232 connection.


Is this a know issue with i.mx53QSB ?


Thanks, Marko