Matteo Fortini

Loading bootloader on iMX27

Discussion created by Matteo Fortini on Dec 16, 2011

I have an iMX27 board on which I need to upload the barebox bootloader (on a NAND memory).

Right now, the procedure we're using is like this:

  1. load the bootloader (barebox) through JTAG, the barebox elf is started at 0xaf700000
  2. run the board, and stop barebox at the prompt
  3. upload barebox.ini through kermit (very slow)
  4. copy barebox.bin on /dev/self0
  5. reboot into the new barebox

We'd like the process to be quicker, and we tried:

  1. tftp: the elf barebox seems to reset the board just after having set up phy0... (the elf is the same as the bin, and the bin works correctly)
  2. copying from memory the running barebox. To do so, I defined a partition in /dev/mem which starts at 0xaf700000 and is 256k long, then I copied it to /dev/self0
    This too doesn't work
  3. Using the hex representation of barebox.bin and booting from there: after reset we get back to a frozen cpu

Is there any quicker way you're aware of? Of course I shouldn't change boot mode, I don't have access to those pins on the board, I should just find a better method.


Thank you in advance