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Info on the i.MX53 pop memory devices

Discussion created by Marsha Chang Employee on Dec 13, 2011
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Thought I would share this information:


Micron LPDDR2 168b 12x12 PoP (all x32 data width)

Qualified for Production at Micron

2Gbit –                 MT42L64M32D1KL-3 IT :A (667 MT/s)

                                MT42L64M32D1KL-2.5 IT :A (800 MT/s)

4Gbit –                 MT42L128M32D2KL-3 IT :A

                                MT42L128M32D2KL-2.5 IT :A

8Gbit –                 MT42L256M32D4KP-3 IT :A

                                MT42L256M32D4KP-2.5 IT :A


Please see the following link for a datasheet for the parts listed above.  Since they are all based on the same monolithic DRAM device, one datasheet covers all.