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How Do I use the V4L2 interface for video output?

Question asked by Philip_FSL Employee on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by fcs

One of the best sources of information and example source code for using the V4L2 interface in the Linux BSP are the unit tests provided by Freescale.  This code provides a concise example of how to accomplish basic functionalities which can be used a building blocks for your more complex use cases. The unit test source code can be accessed using the following ltib command:

./ltib -m prep -p imx-test


Afterward, the source code will be located in your ltib project directory in the following location:

<ltib install dir>/rpm/BUILD/imx-test-<version>/


This source code contains a wealth of information that hopefully will help you shorten the time it takes to get up and running with these sometimes complicated APIs.