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New Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP Patch for the i.MX53 -blog archive

Discussion created by Enrique Ochoa Vazquez Employee on Dec 14, 2011

The new Windows Embedded Compact 7 patch release is now available on the www.freescale.com page.






Patch based on WCE700_MX53_ER_1105, to provide: GPU driver update and SW workaround for NAND errata ENGcm12363"



  • Target HW boards
    • i.MX53 SABRE platform for Tablets
    • i.MX53 SABRE platform for Automotive Infotaiment
  • What we got in this release
    • The new GPU driver fix a random GPU hang issue that happens when a 3D application is running when the external memory bus is heavy loaded by other applications.