4Gx8bits hynix nand support

Discussion created by jimmychan Employee on Dec 13, 2011
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I will use the 4Gx8bits hynix nand on my own board.


I have to upgrade this nand flash on imx50_RD3 evk. I tried to upgrade the hynix nand with mfg tool, and it succeded from the log, but I found that the written data to nand is different from original data when readback. there are 13 bytes unexpected after every 512 bytes from readback data.


I can write the nand flash correctly when I used the nand write cmd to write the nand in uboot.


is this relatd to mtd-utils (nandwrite, the version not support 4Gx8bits nand?) ? 

do they need to modify the nand_device_info.c ?


please help,thanks a lot