Sam Gandhi

Is Freescale going to move various drivers from 2.6.35 to mainline?

Discussion created by Sam Gandhi on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2012 by Noel Vellemans

I am working on a  board designed for iMX28 for industrial application. However we want to use some of the features available in 3.X kernel.So we are compelled to use mainline 3.X kernel.


What we are finding is lot of the (excellent) work that freescale has done for 2.6.35 is not to be found in mainline kernel anywhere.I have checked mainline repo, pengutronix, linux-arm git repos.


Example CPU frequency scaling support available in 2.6.35 from kernel is not there in mainline, same for usb utm.


Is Freescale in the process of moving this code in 2.6.35 to mainline (mach-mxs) structure? If freescale is not doing does anybody know if there anybody in community working on this. I could contribute stuff I have done so far and see if that gets mainlined.


Also does freescale maintain a git repo where one can find latest linux kernel for various SOCs?