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Define a long value to be stored in RAM address on MCF52223 with CW 6.3

Discussion created by Jim McPherson on Apr 5, 2007
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I want to define a particular long value to be stored in a particular RAM address. I have a value called flash_process. I need the bootloader code and program code to access this value at the same RAM address. The bootloader code will access the first 4096 of flash. The program flash code will start at  flash address 4096 .

I want to define a function to be stored at a particular flash address. Such as main() function (main.c).

Is this a more defined help file to better explain for manipulating the link (.LCF) file  and  to better explain the different pragma  definitions.. ?

I am using CodeWarrior 6.3 with the MCF52223 microcontroller (256k flash, 32k ram)..

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