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writing exception handlers for mcf5485

Discussion created by Gerald Thonigs on Apr 5, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2007 by Gerald Thonigs
in order to the on-chip usb controller of an mcf5485 work (with a cml5485 board from axman and CodeWarrior IDE 5.7.0), I need to write a few exception handlers.
I set a breakpoint in the asm_exception_handler and tried debugging. When polling the MCF_USB_USBISR register within the main loop, I see that the interrupt fires, but the breakpoint in the exception hanlder isn't reached. But the readme.txt of the project says that the vectors _are_ used with the M5485 UART SRAM Build. Why?
Another breakpoint in asm_set_ipl in the same file is reached.
Can anyone tell me a tutorial for integrating new exception handlers?