David Lightstone

Start up logistics (image burn and tool chain check)

Discussion created by David Lightstone on Dec 12, 2011

Right now I am just setting up infrastructure, so there is a bit of logistics which I need to nail down

The iMX53 quick start evaluation board is up an running.

My next goal is to nail down the logistics needed to build and load the target image onto a microSD card.

Apparently the VMWare Player based virtual machine provided with the evaluation package is a viable platform. There is an image ubuntu_start_board.bin present in that virtual machine


I have a USB 2.0 sdCard reader/writer, and have been able to burn and run that image.


There are two things which I would like to do (for the present)

(1) Speed up the image burn time dramatically (ie it exceeds 1 hour)

(2) Recreate the image ubuntu_start_board.bin from original source.(so as to confirm an operational tool chain)


With respect to speeding up the image burn.

(1) Does VMWare support reading and writting directly to a SD Card Reader/Writer. (ie my laptop has one, I would like to use it, it will be faster)? (if so what are the logistics)


I have tied this, had what I think was a partial success (there were detrimental side effects), but can not reliable recreate things


(2) Are there Windows 7 utilities which can be used to burn an image (I can always move the image from Ububtu to Windows 7)


(3) What is the expected burn time (assume no running virus checkers to slow things down)?


With respect to image recreation

(1) I am not certain where to find the various configuration items which are needed to recreate the image.  THis would include the various control files which serve to control the operation of LTIB.Has this been documented somewhere?


(2) It is not clear whether ubuntu_start_board.bin was or was not prepared by operations post LTIB build. If so there be an assembly list of some sort. (ie burn configuration item 1 here, item 2 there)

Does such a list exist?